Friday, 29 August 2014

How To Publicize Your Publicity

Getting your business mentioned in the news is incredibly exciting. Whether it’s your local newspaper or The New York Times, media coverage builds credibility and makes your brand more visible to customers, investors, and other stakeholders. It promotes business growth and leads to new opportunities.
So don’t stop when you get in the news. Instead, leverage your press coverage to get even more publicity and generate business. Here’s how.
Publish a news release
Coverage in a top-tier or influential publication often warrants a news release of its own. Online news distribution services like PR Web make it easy to issue targeted news releases.
Coverage in a credible, third-party news outlet is instant validation for current and potential customers, employees and investors. An online news release is a fast and visible way to publicize it.
Share your news
Keep your company website updated with your latest press hits and clearly display that coverage on your homepage. When your company earns a press mention, post the link to Facebook and tweet it multiple times over the course of a week.
Use your coverage as validation
When you pitch your next story, use your existing media coverage as evidence that you’re a respected resource on the topic. Include a link to the media mentions on your website, and relevant links to third-party stories that feature your business.  
When journalists, bloggers and other members of the media begin to see your brand showing up in the news, more coverage will follow.  

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